The Big Bang.
A fiery crescendo in the infinite depths of the universe […]
One thing led to another and in February of ’93 (729695520) I was instantiated in Lithuania.
That’s on Earth.

I was forced … encouraged to learn the piano when I was six.
My torture … education continued in Germany when I was nine.
At 19, I found myself in a band writing music, so I learned how to play the guitar, aswell as other things.
Mom said that music doesn’t make any money, so I went to college to get a „real job“ as a „game developer“.
Armed with my Bachelor of Arts, I legged it from Hannover University to Magdeburg.
I programmed there for three years as a unity developer for the 2Tainment GmbH.

I also continued to compose and play music.
Apparently, it wasn’t hard enough for me to get a job in the games industry, so I decided to do it again, and again, and again […] as a freelance composer.
But first I had to silently retreat to work on my music.

And now I’m ready to share my skills with the world – much to the delight of my landlord.
This is where you come into play.
Join me, and together we will create a phenomenal game,
I will prove mother wrong, and appease my landlord with a lavish offering.