About Me

Hey, I am ViktorZin, or you can also call me by my real name, Viktoras Dobrovolskis. (if you can pronounce that)

I am a multi-instrumentalist musician, playing Piano since 1998, Guitar since 2012 and Bass since 2019, and I started singing in early 2017.
I am also a generalist media designer with knowledge in music composition, sound design, game development, programming (C#, javascript), shader programming, image processing, video editing, 3D animation, rigging, modelling and texturing. (sorted by my knowledge in those fields)

My never-ending thirst for knowledge combined with my willpower enables me to complete projects that should be out of my reach.
Basically I do a lot of things and am too stubborn to give up. This is a skill that I continuously use to surpass my limits.
In fact, the last time I did this, I learned how WordPress works and built this very website using php with no prior knowledge.

Clearly, I am confident in my abilities, which might come off as arrogance. My confidence is based on years of self-reflection and introspection. I am painfully aware of my shortcomings, and know that I am not special in any way. Knowing and accepting this is what I base my personal development on.

Here are some motivational quotes that I believe in:

Talent is a lie
Balance is key
Find a way, or make one
Who looks inside, awakens
True wisdom is to know that not every wisdom is true

My Bio

currently: Freelance SoundDesigner and Programmer

2020: Unity Developer
2Tainment GmbH

2017: Bachelor of Arts
University of applied Sciences and Arts – Hanover, Germany

2003: Moved to Germany

1993: Born in Vilnius, Lithuania


Contrary to popular belief, I do in fact have hobbies.
Obviously I love playing video games, my favorite types of games are action hack and slash games like the Soulsborne games, Devil May Cry and Kingdom Hearts. These games inspired me to become a game developer.

The Music of Kingdom Hearts and then later the Dark Souls music, and especially the Bloodborne soundtrack is why I also wanted to write music for games.

I also enjoy watching movies and Anime. Movies like The Matrix and Animes like Bakemonogatari made me interested in computer animation, which is one of the main reasons why I studied media design at my university.

My most recent hobby is playing Dungeons and Dragons, and I also have some experience being a DM now. This is a great hobby for me, it combines game development, game design, storytelling, and some sound design to create a unique experience for the players, that I enjoy very much. I also get to practice improvisation and silly voices.