Pragaras – The Animation

Disclaimer: this text is written in December of 2020, the project was made in 2017 so I forgot some minor details about it.

The Characters and the whole concept is based on my bachelors project, that has its own page here on my site!

Viktoria Sinner made the animation and I did the sound design.
Most sounds were pretty streightforward to make. the keyboard button press was recorded, the boot up was made with a synthesizer.
I recorded a woman walking on hardwood floors, and picking up a guitar, for the bassist sequence.

The guitar chord was a simple power chord that I recorded, and the steps for the guitarist was just me walking on hardwood floors. I added the drum kick soundcheck here because there was empty space and it helped establish a stadium ambience. Also drummers seem to constantly check their kick sound before playing. I had some drumsticks lying around so I recorded those. all of the sounds then went into a long delay and a big reverb, to simulate the big stadium ambience.

the most difficult part was the crowd of people, that I made completely by myself. I used a white noise for the base background, then recorded myself clapping, shouting, whisling and then panned and pitched those sounds to create a big crowd. whenever the crowd was not visible directly, I used a slight lowpass filter and made the volume go down quite a bit.

The drone of the attacking demon was created by using the same synthesizer, it was a plugin called helm.
I did not have a lot of sounds at my disposal at the time, so I used a percussion set of my orchestral library to immitate the sounds that the demon made. This gave the demon a unique sound that was interesting.

I used simple EQ, Pitch and reverb tricks to get the sounds I wanted.