Log Entry 1: I am starting a diary!

Posted by on May 31st, 2021 in News

I finished this website in February of 2021 and have not really used it since then. which is a shame to be honest.
So I want to actively add a bit of content here, that may be helpful to people who want to do what I do. Or it will be interesting to read my own thoughts in 10 years or so.

I spent the majority of my time from february to the beginning of may working on my cover of Bury the light. This cover is currently the hardest thing I ever did in my musical journey. I learned a lot about writing, recording and mixing from this project, but it was also extremely frustrating and time consuming. I could not get the vocals right. The instrumental cover was actually done at the end of march, and I spent all of april trying to fix the vocals.
I also wrote and recorded 3 full lo-fi songs during that time, and managed to write 3 more in may. Next month I will probably release a lo-Fi album.

which is super dumb for me to do. I do not intend to make lo-Fi hip hop as my main output. I want to make orchestral prog metal. But I currently don’t have the energy to make that, and all that comes out is kind of mellow spacy ambient tracks. I love the songs, but it kind of sucks that I can’t really control that. I also don’t want to force it, forced results are never great. But yeah, it’s still not smart to release a lo-fi hip hop album as your first album, when you want to make orchestral prog metal.

It might be alright though. Since I suck at marketing my music, nobody is going to hear it anyway. so it’s not a big problem. I may sound super pessimistic, but I would actually argue that it’s realism. I do try to market my songs. it’s just something that I currently am not good at, so I expect low results even if I try. It’s tough making original music.
No one is looking for it. There is no real way of properly publishing it so that people can hear it. At least I haven’t found a good way yet.
Speaking of marketing, I was really hoping that that Bury the Light cover would hit hard, and make like 5000 views.
I think that the quality of the video and audio is good, but I also know that it’s 10 minutes long and gets quite boring over time. The video has 1400 views right now, and is growing very slowly.
I posted it to 9gag, which gave it about 500-700 views, but there was no real reactions to it.
I don’t know if it helped the video or not.
Currently I also don’t have any patrons. Which is fine, I was not expecting to get a lot of interest initially.
But I still made all of the promised content for patreon. I want to do this long term, and I think it is important to keep up with the things I promised, even if there is no one that would see the stuff currently.
Last weekend I tried to stream on twitch, I was working on the next cover. The stream worked out, but there was also no interest there. I will try again this week.
I am still struggling with figuring out what Content I want to make on youtube.
What I want to do is to make original music and covers, and make elaborate music videos for the songs. But to be successful on youtube, you should be semi-consistent. I can maybe make a video a month, and I want to make 2 to 3 videos a month. Still don’t really know what I want to do though. I looked at what other youtubers are doing and none of those formats is for me. I will figure it out at some point.
I am going to make more stuff now. bye!