Log Entry 2: I failed at the diary / Log Entry 2

Posted by on August 29th, 2021 in News

I just made my first code update to the website since it’s launch in february! exciting stuff, since I have not worked on web dev since then. a lot of knowledge was abandoned, but I managed to remember enough to revive my set up deployment workflow. I changed my instagram page and wanted to update the link on the website. that is the reason…
I also downscaled the armchair gag images, the ones you see when hovering over the logo… they now load faster because of that.

So at this point I kind of figured out a youtube format (WIPs and Music videos), and the views started coming. Bury the Light now sits at 5.3K views, which I am very happy with. My initial goal was to make this video my most succesful one on my channel, for now. after a couple months I finally reached that goal!
my second big video is not as successful as that, but still, after a month is sitting at almost 2k views. Smaller videos are between 90 and 150 views each, and I have 87 subscribers now. I started with 20, so that’s not so bad, considering that I basically got them from 2 videos.
I often hear that the first 100 are the most difficult. I really hope that is right, and things get somewhat easier from here on out.

The next big video I am making is going to be a cover of Meathook, from the Doom Eternal Soundtrack. It is almost done! hopefully I can post it next week! after that, there is a lot of stuff I want to make.
that Lo-Fi album is the next thing I will release, followed by some music videos for certain songs on that album.
then I also wrote some rock songs, inspired by Led Zepplin, AC/DC and Clutch (of all bands)…
I also want to finally incorporate the violin I got, so I am thinking of making a version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…
I have a ton of ideas…

But also a problem… I am doing all of this full time currently. I somewhat naively believed that I would be further along on the youtube ladder by now. I was sure that I would not be able to live off of youtube, but I hoped to get at least some income from it… I am thinking of solutions to the money issue right now. I don’t want to go to work full-time, and honestly I don’t want to work part time either. I don’t want to work for other people. other people seem to just fuck up my work, after I deliver it. It’s a pattern I encountered.
I will probably have to find a side job, and maybe program stuff or something. we will see.