Pragaras (BA Project)

This is the Proof of Concept I created over four months for my Bachelor Thesis Project. I wanted to create a game, wherein the protagonists are musicians who use their music to fight enemies.

My main focus was the creation of the turn-based battle system and a proof of concept for my dynamic music system. The user should pick any attack that is given for the musician, and the dynamic music system should check on what is currently playing and decide on what audio clip to play.

I worked in Unity and used Wwise for all the sound implementation. Since I had to make this all by myself I had to cut my time short on the tasks that I am good at. Therefore the programming and sounddesign, which are my specialties, were rushed and are not really representative of what I could do. I spent roughly 15 days on the programming and a week on the music. I spent the rest of the time with modeling, UV Mapping, Texturing, Rigging, Animating and setting everything up in Unity.

Considering the fact that the last time I made a 3D model was 2.5 Years ago and I never textured before the models and textures came out alright. And considering that I made the particle systems after three weeks of 12-14 hour workdays, during the night before the deadline I think they came out cheesy and over the top.

I am nevertheless proud of the work I have done, although I can’t unsee every little mistake and bug in this proof of concept.

I am working on converting my Bachelor Project Documentation into english and adding it here, structured, with images. until then, you can view and/or download the original german pdf here.